About Us

Here at Asset Overload, we pride ourselves on providing you with some of the best content in order to demystify and help you understand the overwhelming amount of assets, asset classes, and alternative investments that are out there.

Connor Doherty – Author & Founder

Connor Doherty is the founder, chief contributor and CEO of Asset Overload. He is a student at California Polytechnic State University, and has been investing in stocks for well over a year. He has recently become involved in the equity crowdfunding space and is looking to diversify into many different assets and investments, with the goal of helping others do the same and provide some of the best investing info, advice & assets online.

He is also a drone pilot and the founder of Eastside Aerials, a drone photography company based out of Kirkland, Washington, a twitch streamer and a content creator.

Will There be Other Authors?

There will most definitely be other authors, but currently this site is a one man show.